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Hotel Pantanal Norte - Porto Jofre

Rod. Transpantaneira - Km. 145 | Porto Jofre, Poconé, Mato Grosso, Brazil


  • 28 Apartments with air conditioning, TV and minibar

  • Marajó 19 boats with 115 Hp engine

  • Boats for observation tours 

  • Approved landing strip with 1,200 mts.

  • Restaurant with regional cuisine

  • game rooms

  • TV room

  • communication room

  • Pool

  • Convenience store

  • convention hall

  • Telephone and internet services

  • Laundry service

OHotel Porto Jofre It has a first world structure, providing its guests with comfort and satisfaction in their hours of fishing and leisure. It is the only Hotel in Brazil to work only with Marajó 19 Boats with a 115 Hp engine, piloted by experienced fishing guides in the region.


Hotel Porto Jofre is located in one of the most fascinating regions of the Pantanal, 245 km from Cuiabá, the capital of Mato Grosso, and 145 km from the municipality of Poconé. Arriving in Cuiabá, travel along the BR-070 Highway (100 km of paved road) to the municipality of Poconé. Continuing along the Transpantaneira Highway (145 km of dirt road) passing over 135 wooden bridges and 2 concrete ones, you will arrive at the Hotel Porto Jofre.


During the dry period from July to October, it is possible to observe many caimans, capybaras, birds of various species along the route, such as tuiuius, macaws, herons, spoonbills, cardinals, not forgetting to mention jaguars, rheas, deer. .. The total journey is approximately 245 km traveled in an average of 4 hours in the dry season, in the floods this time can be longer, depending on road conditions.

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