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Poconé - Pantanal - Mato Grosso

Come and discover the natural beauties of the Pantanal...

Pantanal, spectacular nursery of life

One of the most beautiful and surprising natural scenarios in Brazil, the largest floodplain on the planet, with great biodiversity, located in the center of South America, a part of area of 35% in Mato Grosso. The region has an extraordinary concentration of wildlife that can be observed up close, such as: birds, fish, mammals...   The Pantanal has two seasons: dry and wet. During the months of October to April, the rainy season begins, it comes to renew the life of plants, birds and animals...waters they fill the fields, rivers, bays, lakes, streams forming large flooded areas...where you can contemplate the Pantanal flora on boat trips that is only possible in the flood period. 

The dry period runs from May to September, the water level begins to drop, and this is the best time to observe animals, the rains decrease and water becomes scarce in lakes, streams and small rivers, where concentrates large numbers of birds in search of food. The birds mate, some trees lose their leaves, looking dead, and that's when the spectacle of flowers in the swampland begins, the flowering of ipes, para-tudos, cambares, among other trees... the swamp gains colors and turns into an enchanting scene for a short time, about a week. Both in the dry season or in the flood, in any season, at dawn and dusk, it is possible to contemplate the most beautiful landscapes existing only in the Pantanal.

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