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Photo Safari

It is a tour with great expectations and surprises that nature can offer, providing the visitor with a unique feeling of being  in direct contact with wildlife, on this tour it is possible to observe beautiful landscapes and various species of birds, mammals and other animals. existing in the Pantanal region.

Departure towards Rodovia Transpantaneira, park road, for a photographic safari, on the way it is possible  spot birds and animals, stop at the famous tardas bridge for photos and contemplation, continuing the walk to  Bar Bararas, at km 30, stop for a break and return to the hotel of origin in Poconé.

Services not included:

Transport, mineral water courtesy, photo safari to km 30, assistance from an accredited Tour Guide and  Travel insurance.


Departure at 07:00 am Return at 15:00 pm.


Duration time 2 to 4 hours.


Light clothes (t-shirts, shorts, pants) comfortable shoes, sweater, cap or hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, backpack, raincoat, repellent, camera and lots of fun and joy.


Pantanal travel agent and tour guide, born in the region, knowledgeable about the fauna and flora and experiences and local customs...

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